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Deploying Microservices In Hybrid And Heterogeneous Environments On AWS With Istio Service Mesh
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Deploying microservices is complex to begin with, but things become even more challenging when deploying in hybrid and heterogeneous environments. In this presentation, we will discuss the benefits and challenges of deploying microservices in a hybrid and heterogeneous environment, using AWS as the underlying infrastructure. We will cover how to spread application microservices across multiple AWS regions, running them on a variety of platforms such as Amazon EKS, EKS-Anywhere and RedHat OpenShift on AWS. We will also demonstrate how to handle failover scenarios in which a service that is not available in one cluster is transparently served by the service running in a remote cluster. We will also cover how to failover incoming calls to the available cluster in a Tier1 gateway scenario. Additionally, we will show how to support traffic served by EC2 autoscaled virtual machines and EKS pods simultaneously and how to enforce Tetrate Service Bridge controlled access in which a user has limited permissions to access and configure applications.

In this session, we will demonstrate:

  • Hybrid and heterogenous deployment of containerized applications: Application microservices are spread across multiple AWS Regions, run as EKS, EKS-Anywhere and RedHat OpenShift on AWS
  • Failover: A service that is not available in one cluster will be transparently served by the service running in a remote cluster
  • How to failover incoming calls to the available cluster in a Tier1 GW scenario
  • VM support: We'll demonstrate how traffic is simultaneously served by EC2 autoscaled VMs and EKS Pods
  • TSB-enforced control: What to do if users only have permissions for one application in TSB UI

Saptak Sen
VP, Product Integration - Tetrate
Saptak leads Alliances and Partner Integration for Tetrate. Before joining Tetrate, he lead the Partner Integration for the AWS Container Services team. He has also been an Engineering Lead, PM, Developer Evangelist, Technology Consultant at Microsoft, Hortonworks and other startups. 
Petr McAllister
Partner Engineer - Tetrate
Petr wears multiple hats in Tetrate and serves as a tunnel between Customers/Partners and Engineering. For an extended period of his career, Petr has focused on Network and Security aspects of IT infrastructure.During his career Petr had the opportunity to participate in large-scale projects as a solution architect, designer, system and product engineer.Petr is a huge fan of Open Source and contributes whenever the opportunity presents. 
Mikhail Shapirov
Principal Partner Solutions Architect - AWS
Mikhail is a Principal Partner Solutions Architect at AWS, focusing on container services. He helps partners and customers drive their products, applications and services on AWS, integrating with Amazon EKS, ECS, AppMesh and other container services. He is also a software engineer.