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Data Protection and Container Security in 5G Edge Deployments


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Sponsored by RED HAT and Zettaset

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5G networks running on the edge will move applications and data closer to the user to reduce latency and improve performance, but these advancements will introduce new security challenges. 5G far-edge deployments now include micro data centers that contain petabytes of data. The OpenShift container platform is being used to provide efficiencies and scale in these remote environments. Cyberattack vectors are expanding in tandem with this growth. Data protection and regulatory compliance in 5G deployments is fundamental for enterprises to containerize applications and decentralize services at the edge.

In this presentation, you’ll see how you can secure your far-edge OpenShift environments and keep containerized data protected in 5G deployments.

Learning Points:

  • Core-to-edge data protection for hybrid and multi-cloud
  • Security in remote nodes and micro data centers
  • Red Hat OpenShift and advanced cluster management integration
  • Centralized security management in large-scale 5G deployments
  • Achieve compliance with data privacy regulations
Tim Reilly
CEO - Zettaset
Tim brings more than 25 years of successful public and private experience in the high-tech industry filling key operational roles within product line business units and venture capital funded companies through all stages of growth. During his time at Zettaset, the company has successfully grown its software-defined encryption portfolio to provide a comprehensive data protection solution across all physical, virtual and cloud environments.
Maksim Yankovskiy
CTO - Zettaset
Maksim has over 20 years of experience delivering and managing enterprise encryption and database software across all the major high tech industries. During his tenure at Zettaset, he has been responsible for the engineering team that delivered the entire XCrypt product portfolio. He has also filed patents related to distributed and high-performance encryption.
Fatih Nar
Chief Architect, Application Platform Solutions - Red Hat
In his role of Chief Architect for Telco Partner Solutions, Fatih has been involved over several years in Kubernetes and OpenStack communities, influencing development and ecosystem cultivation, including for workloads specific to telecom, media and entertainment needs. Prior to joining Red Hat, Fatih held roles at Google, Verizon Wireless, Canonical Ubuntu and Ericsson. He holds an MSc degree in Information Technology, and BSc degree in Electronics Engineering.

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