Sponsored by Tricentis

March 14, 2019

1 PM EDT/ 10 AM PDT 


Most developers would tell you that their code is ready to release at any time. Most testers would disagree. This leads us to the single most important question associated with Continuous Delivery:

Does the release candidate have an acceptable level of risk?

In a highly-automated, rapid delivery process, you can’t make release decisions based on multiple, independent and primarily binary (pass or fail) tests. You need a rapid assessment of the impact to the end-user experience—and immediate insight into whether releasing a particular build could cause palpable damage to the business.

If you’re not confident that you can answer this critical question accurately—on-demand—then join Wayne Ariola to learn how you can attain the required insight.  You will learn:

  • How to establish a baseline to measure risk in the context of application delivery
  • How risk coverage differs from code and test coverage
  • Why, where and how to measure risk within the automated release process


Wayne Ariola, CMO, Tricentis

Wayne Ariola is a recognized thought leader on software testing topics such as continuous testing, risk-based testing, service virtualization, and API testing. Wayne has created and marketed products that support the dynamic software development, test, and delivery landscape. He has driven the design of many innovative technologies and received several patents for his inventions. He has been a contributor to the software testing space for fifteen years and in the software industry for more than 20 years.