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Connect Ops and Security with Flexible Web App and API Protection


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Monday, Augut 17, 2020
1pm ET

Organizations continue to adopt container orchestration to drive efficiencies in their CI/CD pipelines. Given the current business climate with more employees working from home and consumers transacting more online, how can development and operations teams release at increasing velocity with protection baked in?

Connecting operations and security teams have not always been a smooth process: developers and operations staff are charged with site reliability, availability, and uptime while security staff is held responsible for securing an organization’s always-moving perimeter and valuable web layer assets. But the lines have started to blur between DevOps teams and security: you can’t guarantee uptime without baking effective application security tooling into your processes and infrastructure configurations.

A true next-generation, holistic web application and API protection platform does just that: operations teams can integrate security into their workflows and ensure new infrastructure and app code released to production is both effective and secure. Join application security experts Aneel Dadani and Orlando Barerra II from Signal Sciences to learn how your team can deploy at scale safely while gaining layer 7 visibility in production environments. Attendees will learn:

  • How to inspect web traffic in containers, at the API gateway, or the ingress
  • How DevOps teams can scale their application footprint to meet demand while securing your codebase in production
  • How development teams can gain visibility into how their apps and APIs are being used in production and what vulnerabilities may exist that they overlooked
  • Demo these application security concepts with Ansible, a simple yet powerful IT automation engine that companies use to accelerate DevOps initiatives, including baking application security into their infrastructure.
Orlando Barrera II
Technical Account Manager - Signal Sciences
Orlando Barrera II is a Technical Account Manager at Signal Sciences, where he is responsible for assisting customers in the post-sales process by delivering pragmatic yet effective application security guidance. Prior to joining Signal Sciences, he spent several years at Rapid7 and NSS Labs in addition to information security and software development roles at other organizations. He is also a U.S. Army veteran having served as an electronics operator and maintainer. Orlando is active in the local Austin, TX security community and has presented at B-Sides Las Vegas, RSS, LASCON, and HouSecCon. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Texas State and holds CISSP, Security+ certifications. His published vulnerabilities and exploits include: CVE-2009-3371, CVE-2010-0160, CVE-2010-4109, and CVE-2017-5241.
Aneel Dadani
Technical Account Manager - Signal Sciences
Aneel Dadani is a Technical Account Manager at Signal Sciences where he guides customers in the post-sales process to empower their application security success. He is a member of the Board of Directors for the Los Angeles chapter of OWASP and Cloud Security Alliance. Prior to Signal Sciences, he worked at Rapid7 where he helped start the Managed Services offering. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.

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