Sponsored by Threat Stack 

March 13, 2019

11 AM ET 


Modern software development involves breaking applications up into smaller microservices deployed in containers. In this microservice world, teams focus on the higher, more abstracted tiers of the stack - the application, the container, and the orchestrator - with the cloud infrastructure provider handling everything else. That may make it seem like security should be easier for these layers; after all, there are fewer tiers in the stack to monitor. In reality, it can actually be more challenging because they rely on frequently changing, de-coupled ephemeral services communicating over unreliable networks.

Cloud security requires an understanding of the movement of data into and out of the application from the internet, the movement of information between services at runtime, and the way the services run atop the abstracted layers of infrastructure (container host, container orchestrator). This webinar will explain these challenges and suggest steps that security teams can take to overcome them.


Tim Buntel, Threat Stack VP of Application Security Products

Tim Buntel is VP of Application Security Products at Threat Stack. Prior to this role, Tim has built globally recognized software businesses for 20 years at startups, midsized companies in transition, and the largest global brands, including Atlassian, Adobe, Microsoft, and XebiaLabs with an emphasis on developer tools and platforms; helping developers build better software. He is also a founding mentor and Board member at Smarter in the City, a non-profit high-tech accelerator with a mission to diversify Boston’s

startup sector by providing support and resources for local minority-run ventures.