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Cloud Security - DevSecOps


"DevSecOps exists because the DevOps community was a little late in inviting our InfoSec and cybersecurity friends to the party. Now we know how to collaborate with them better, and how to automate security into our CICD pipelines, but there are additional considerations when we are working in the cloud. You’ll have some responsibilities to your cloud vendors and others and it’s essential to know where the lines are drawn. 

Join our experts for this SKILup Hour to learn about which Cloud Security patterns protect you and your customers in a world where application complexity, attack surfaces, cyberthreats, and regulations are all on the rise. " "You will learn: - How to analyze and risk assess your cloud assets and visualize your cloud environments - How to understand your security posture and strengthen it with an adaptable DevSecOps framework - Why cloud security is different and how to harness DevSecOps principles to keep everyone safe"