Cloud-Native-CICD (1)

   Sponsored by Codefresh

November 14, 2019

1 PM ET 

Is your organization is looking to embrace containerization and microservices? 


In this webinar, you will learn how Kubernetes manages container-based applications and their associated networking and storage components. You will also learn about the evolving Kubernetes ecosystem, which includes components such as Helm charts, Istio, etc. Using a combination of these components will enable you to deploy and manage a production-grade environment with ease and minimal effort so that your development team can focus on building products for your industry. Apurva Ohm from Bosch will share the experiential learning of Bosch teams as they embarked on a microservices journey & how they created a seamless Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) for cloud native applications with Codefresh.


Apurva Ohm, Senior DevOps Associate, Bosch

Apurva started her career as a Backend developer, writing SOAP and REST services primarily in java, and broadened her skillset to include front end and mobile app development to become a Full Stack developer. She has designed and implemented data-intensive systems for various IoT use cases, as well as highly scalable, available cloud-native applications.  Apurva had the opportunity to venture into Ops side of Dev-Ops, scripting infrastructure as code, setting up CI/CD pipelines: She is currently working on building a highly scalable, available cloud based asset management and tracking solution geared towards large and mid-size construction companies.  Her interests consist of learning about distribution systems and underlying concepts such as gossip protocols, consensus algorithms, read/write consistency, network protocols etc., and has used the knowledge gained to self-host and administer clusters of Kafka, zookeeper, MongoDB, Redis for different projects.