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Cloud Cost Optimization: Creating a Smart Commitment Purchasing Strategy


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Sponsored by SPOT BY NETAPP

Wednesday, September 22, 2021
3 p.m. ET

On-demand is for suckers. Commitment purchasing models–such as reserved instances and savings plans on AWS–provide everything you get from on-demand but deliver savings of up to 72%.  

However, strategizing and executing commitment purchases is complicated, requiring engineering and finance teams to work together to estimate likely compute needs up to three years in the future. Adding to the complexity are the plethora of choices available: RIs versus savings plans, one-year versus three-year terms, convertible versus standard, each with varying levels of flexibility and cost savings.  

DevOps teams play a critical role in all of this, assessing future engineering requirements and making optimal choices in a highly dynamic environment where shifting business objectives can have a drastic impact on compute needs.

In this session, Patrick Gartlan, general manager, Cloud FinOps at NetApp, will explore the benefits and pitfalls of the various models offered by cloud providers and share pro tips for building a commitment portfolio that minimizes risk while reducing costs. The session will conclude with a look at how automation can help organizations build and manage a commitment portfolio that can meet changing needs, minimize financial lock-in and drive maximum cost savings.

Patrick Gartlan
General Manager, Cloud FinOps - Spot by NetApp
Patrick Gartlan has been active and influential in FinOps from its earliest days. After serving as CTO for CloudCheckr, in 2018 Patrick founded StratCloud with the mission of automating and continuously optimizing AWS cloud savings. When the company was acquired the following year by Spot.io (then Spotinst), he joined to take on the role of VP, Cloud Services. He currently serves as General Manager, Cloud FinOps at NetApp.

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