Sponsored by InfluxBD 

  July 10, 2018

1 PM ET 

As an email and web security services provider supporting more than 25 million mailboxes worldwide, FuseMail is sensitive to latency and compliance issues of its offerings. As such, it relies on email latency statistics to provide insight into the performance of its service and keep things running at optimal efficiency.

In this webinar, Dylan Ferreira, Lead Systems Administrator at FuseMail, and Chris Churilo, Director of Product Marketing at InfluxDB will discuss how FuseMail uses InfluxDB to store the high cardinality metrics gathered from its custom mailers—to the tune of more than 1.5 million time series per database.

Dylan also will review FuseMail's setup and dataflow, including details of the schema design, retention policies and continuous queries.

Join us for this lively and informative discussion and learn more about how FuseMail is now using InfluxDB’s Kapacitor real-time stream processing engine in a recent redesign to satisfy GDPR requirements.


Dylan Ferreira, Lead Systems Administrator at FuseMail

Dylan Ferreira is the Lead Systems Administrator at FuseMail who is passionate about fixing the root cause of any problem. His goal at FuseMail is to ensure that their service is faster and more reliable through tooling, automation, and operations best practices. He is an expert in automating large-scale server deployments and is driven to learn and use the latest and greatest technologies.



Chris Churilo, Director of Product Marketing

InfluxData, she helped to define and design a SaaS monitoring solution at Centroid, focused on the red Stack (Oracle) and prior to that she was the VP of product management at iPass where she was responsible for UX, product management and was the line of business owner for several cloud services that required her to track the business and operational metrics and analytics to help identify and resolve issues. Previously, Chris held marketing, product management, and engineering positions at Omnicell and Apple and holds a Bachelor of Science degree from UC Berkeley.