May 22, 2018



This session will offer up three key ways you can reduce the manual work drowning your Dev and Ops teams—even if they aren't complaining. 

DevOps teams are used to working in a fast-paced environment that has some level of chaos. But they may not realize their productivity is being affected by noisy tools—so noisy that critical incidents are sometimes missed. The key is to find ways to identify the issues and restore service quickly by having teams work together to avoid further disruption and miscommunication.

Does your DevOps team need an efficiency upgrade? Is worrying about your service interruption restoration keeping you up at night?

In this engaging webinar, participants will explore the common operational challenges many DevOps teams face and how organizations are utilizing best practices and new operational tools to:

  • Create closed-loop DevOps methodologies,
  • Build achievable automation to fix application issues once in production,
  • Observe operational trends, and
  • Improve operational efficiency.


James Moore, Principal Offering Manager, IBM 

James Moore is responsible for offering management and strategy for IBM Hybrid Cloud Operations Insight solutions including IBM Cloud Event Management, Runbook Automation and Alert Notification.  James joined IBM from the Candle acquisition in 2004, where he was product manager for Candle's Application Response Time product lines.  James has over 15 years’ experience in event management, application performance management, and business service management.