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Building Internal Developer Platforms With EKS And GitOps
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An internal developer platform (IDP) is a set of standardized tools and technologies that enables development teams to self-service, offering convenient access to resources they need to create and deploy compliant code. The ultimate goal is to facilitate automation, autonomy and productivity across large teams. However, creating an IDP is highly complex, especially when bridging hybrid scenarios. In fact, build timelines can take anywhere between one to two years!

In this Techstrong Learning Experience, we will discuss how platform engineers can more efficiently build an IDP with Amazon EKS and Weave GitOps and accelerate cloud-native adoption while speeding up migration of existing applications to the cloud.

Our experts will also introduce EKS Blueprints, a collection of infrastructure-as-code (IaC) modules like Terraform and AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) that will help you configure and deploy consistent EKS clusters across on-premises and cloud.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why you should build a self-service IDP
  • How to leverage EKS, GitOps and EKS Blueprints to build your IDP
  • A review of use cases and benefits of an IDP

Darryl Weaver
Solution Architect - Weaveworks
Darryl Weaver has worked with open source software for over 20 years in his own business and working for companies such as Canonical, Datapipe and worked with organizations such as Rackspace and Redhat. Specializing in Infrastructure and Platform Engineering with a focus on open source, such as Openstack and Kubernetes. 
Elamaran Shanmugam
Sr. Containers Specialist Solutions Architect, AWS
Elamaran (Ela) Shanmugam is a Sr. Containers Specialist Solutions Architect with Amazon Web Services and he has 17+ years of experience in architecting, building and operating open source, enterprise systems and infrastructure. Ela is a Container, Observability and Multi-Account Architecture SME and helps AWS customers to design and build scalable, secure and optimized container workloads on AWS. At AWS, he enjoys public speaking, mentoring and publishing engaging technical contents such as whitepapers, blogs and best practice guides. He is based out of Tampa, Florida.