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Build an IoT App With InfluxDB


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Building your first IoT app, or seeking a more efficient way to build your next one? Don’t miss this free two-hour IoT app workshop.

The workshop showcases a fully functional sample application called IoT Center built on InfluxDB. With functions such as new IoT device registration, IoT device emulation through an embedded virtual device and device data visualization, IoT Center packs a punch. This demo application, based on Node.js and React, uses Kafka to write measurements and requires no DB installation with InfluxDB Cloud.

IoT Center demonstrates the InfluxDB platform’s ability to develop a JavaScript-enabled, time-series-based application. It collects, stores and displays a set of values that include temperature, humidity, pressure, CO2 concentration and air quality, as well as provides GPS coordinates from a set of IoT devices (sensors). With this data stored in InfluxDB, the application can query IoT Center for display as well as write data back into the database. Figuring out data ingestion, collection, storage and visualization is half the battle when building an IoT app; these are all challenges solved by the solution presented in this workshop.

  • Learn how to install the open source code (IoT Center) to learn how to query and write to InfluxDB using the InfluxDB JavaScript client
  • Gain familiarity with Flux language, which is designed for querying, analyzing and acting on time-series data
  • Collect and visualize performance data from the Node.js application

Stream time-series data to your application using RabbitMQ or Kafka queues and InfluxDB

Space is limited, so register soon to take advantage of this free two-hour IoT workshop.


  • Sign up for a free InfluxDB Cloud account at https://cloud2.influxdata.com in advance
    • Test login after the registration and save credentials for the workshop

  • Install the git command line tool

  • Install required tools Node.js and yarn

    • In the cloned iot-center-v2/app directory

    • For Linux/Unix/macOS systems, run: ./tools.sh

    • For Windows system, skip this step and follow the next ones

  • Install Node.js JavaScript runtime

  • Install all dependencies for IoT Center application

    • In the cloned iot-center-v2/app directory

    • Run: yarn install
Miroslav Malecha
Director of Product Management - Bonitoo
Miroslav Malecha is Director of Product Management at Bonitoo.io. He has a background in computer science and has been focused on defining software products in data science, enterprise architectures and cloud computing. Prior to joining Bonitoo, Miroslav held product management positions at Good Data and Hewlett-Packard Software. When Mirek is not working, you can find him speeding down hills on his ebike in the forests near Prague.

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