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WORKSHOP - Beyond Continuous Delivery With LaunchDarkly Feature Management


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Sponsored by AWS and LaunchDarkly

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Software delivery can be difficult. Engineering teams are looking to deploy software faster, adopt new technologies and platforms and recover quickly from problems. Teams need a way to reduce the friction and risk associated with shipping and releasing software. Feature management does just that, accelerating how teams deploy code, release features and roll back changes.

LaunchDarkly provides a platform for managing feature flags and their life cycle at scale. LaunchDarkly gives developers and builders a path to practically implementing modern software development (and DevOps) practices including trunk-based development, continuous delivery, experimentation and progressive cloud migrations.

In this workshop, we'll explore integrating LaunchDarkly into an application running in AWS and show how developers who are adopting cloud can launch faster and release more often, with less risk.

Attendees will learn:

  • How feature management improves the pace of software delivery
  • How to use feature flags for DevOps use cases such as A/B testing, canary releases and experimentation in production
  • How feature flags work for different workloads, from hybrid to modern containerized and serverless
  • How to use feature flags in code and configure them for different needs via the LaunchDarkly UI

Workshop pre-requisites:

Cody De Arkland
Director, Developer Relations - LaunchDarkly
Cody is currently Director of Developer Relations at LaunchDarkly, focusing on all things "as-code." His background is in advocacy, automation, infrastructure as code and application delivery. He enjoys taking users on a journey in technology and is passionate about helping users adopt DevOps practices. He loves working in the community and enjoys interacting with users on Twitter at @codydearkland.
Marina Novikova
Partner Solution Architect - AWS
Marina has been working at Amazon for about three years and currently supports the APN Global Startup Program. Her focus is on existing AWS architecture validation and improvements, planning new workloads and integrations with AWS services and supporting general technical enablement. Marina earned a Master's Degree in Computer Science and has more than 17 years of experience developing large-scale systems for financial services.
Alex Hardman
Technical Marketing Engineer - LaunchDarkly
As an inventor and technologist, Alex (he/him) has led teams and organizations through moves to the cloud and serverless building up the confidence and capabilities of teams and people in the process. He is passionate about mentoring and teaching others techniques and technologies and making the complicated uncomplicated.
Alex is never short on words, loves to discuss, debate, and engage, so hit him up on Twitter at @halex5000.

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