Better Training for Better Security

How to Create Your Own Initiative for Better Results

September 27, 2017

11 AM EDT- Live Video Chat


A recent survey by Veracode and showed that formal education leaves developers without the necessary skills to succeed in the DevSecOps world. In fact, 76% of developers indicated that the security and secure development education needed for today’s world of coding is missing from most formal curricula. Enterprises need to recognize the strategic necessity of investing in a full developer training program that improves software security literacy. It is one leg of what Pete Chestna calls the three-legged barstool of AppSec and an essential ingredient to more secure outcomes.

In this session, Pete Chestna of Veracode will talk to David Wayland from a Fortune 500 Financial Company about the survey, what they have seen in the industry and their real world experience in implementing successful training programs. Your takeaways from this webinar will be solid recommendations for creating your own secure training initiative that leads to better engagement and better results.  

To read the survey, click here

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Peter Chestna,

Director of Developer Engagement at CA Veracode

As Director of Developer Engagement at CA Veracode, Pete provides customers and prospects with practical advice on how to successfully roll out developer-centric application security (AppSec) programs. Relying on more than 11 years of direct AppSec practitioner experience as both a developer and development leader, Pete provides information on best practices amassed from personal experience in addition to working with Veracode’s many global customers. In addition to his extensive security experience, he led Veracode’s transformation from Waterfall to Agile to DevOps and from monolith to microservice architecture. He is certified as both a scrum master and product owner. From his experience as both a practitioner and consultant, Pete has spoken internationally at both security and developer conferences on the topics of AppSec, Agile and DevOps.


David Wayland,
Senior Information Security Program Manager at a Fortune 500 Financial Corporation

David Wayland has served as the head of Enterprise Application Security for a Fortune 500 financial firm since 2015.  He and his team provide application security services and training for the enterprise.  He launched the services during his first year and continues to grow the operations and scope each year.  Relying on more than 13 years of direct Application Security experience as a developer, architect, and enterprise architect, David provides actionable information based on personal experience.

Prior to joining his current company, David led application development and enterprise architecture teams at several Fortune 500 companies where he designed and implemented secure enterprise architectures and applications.  He started his career by supporting network infrastructure, developing applications, and providing technical instruction to developers and administrators.

David has over 20 years of experience in the application development space.  In his spare time he enjoys reading, speaking with people about application security, and keeping his programming skills sharp.