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AWS Immersion Day With Snyk: Secure Your App Modernization Initiatives In Development
On Demand

As companies around the world migrate their applications or build them natively within leading cloud environments like AWS, application developers must once again readjust how they approach building and securing cloud-centric and cloud-native applications. Just as DevOps bridges the gap between developers and operations teams, introducing security earlier in development creates a more continuous DevSecOps workflow that, when integrated into the right tools, can empower developers to find and fix vulnerabilities in each of the components of their application without losing agility or speed.

During this workshop, experts from Snyk, AWS HashiCorp and Presidio will guide you through the process of defining and deploying AWS services using HashiCorp Terraform and Terraform Cloud. They’ll show you how to secure your infrastructure with Snyk by scanning your projects as you author your infrastructure and demonstrate how to gate the operation as part of an automated workflow.


To complete this workshop, you should have the following software on your local machine:

David Schott
Lead Partner Solutions Architect - Snyk
David has worked in the technology industry for over a decade, primarily focused on software engineering but also experienced in solution architecture and business development. At CloudBees, David helped Fortune 100 companies realize DevOps transformation through CloudBees CI, a product based on Jenkins®. He contributed new features, bug fixes, and helped expand the business through cloud marketplaces and integrations. Now at Snyk, his focus has shifted from DevOps to DevSecOps, working with strategic partners to empower our joint customers to develop fast while staying secure.
Raj Jeripotula
Sr. Partner Solutions Architect - AWS
Shashiraj Jeripotula(Raj) is a San Francisco-based Sr. Partner Solutions Architect at AWS. He works with various Independent Software Vendors(ISVs), and AWS partners who specialize in Cloud Management Tools and DevOps segments to develop joint solutions and accelerate cloud adoption on AWS.
William​ Donley
Principal Architect, Cloud Adoption - Presidio
William is a Principal Solutions Architect at Presidio and has a strong ability in assessing, designing, and implementing secure cloud solutions within AWS. He has been in the IT industry over 20 years and works with several customers at Presidio to assess and help their overall security posture within the cloud. William has always had a passion to learn more in the security realm which has led him down the path to go back to school and get a Bachelor of Science, Cybersecurity and Information Assurance degree.
Yash Khemani
Staff Solutions Engineer - HashiCorp
Partner Solutions Engineer - HashiCorpPartner Solutions Engineer - HashiCorp Partner Solutions Engineer - HashiCorpHashiCorp Partner Solutions Engineer - HashiCorpHashiCorp Partner Solutions Engineer - HashiCorp