Sponsored by OpenLegacy

May 14, 2019

11 AM ET 


On-premise applications are problematic for DevOps because APIs are typically hand-written by a team outside the DevOps process, making automation impossible. Additionally, SOA middleware - which facilitates the communication between the API and the on-premise system - slows down the process.

This webinar will examine how to accelerate the build and test cycle by automating microservice-based API generation and bypassing current ESB and SOA middleware.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The importance of thinking about on-premise applications as part of your DevOps process
  • How to automatically generate APIs directly from on-premise systems
  • Why microservices better encapsulate the communications to your legacy systems when doing DevOps development
  • How to easily generate Java based microservices from your on-premise system
  • Why SOA middleware doesn’t align with the DevOps process
  • Real-world implementation: Eldad Omer from Ayalon Insurance will discuss how microservice-based APIs helped create their DevOps process by integrating common DevOps tools( Jira, Git, Bitbucket, Docker, Jenkins, and Kubernetes) to their on-prem systems. This reduced policy creation time 1000%.


Zeev Avidan, Chief Product Officer, OpenLegacy

Zeev has been involved with the concept of microservices since the early days of EAI and SOA. Over the past 20 years, he has seen firsthand the pitfalls and challenges with integration and legacy systems.


Eldad Omer, IT Infrastructure and DevOps Manager, Ayalon

Eldad is an experienced IT Manager who leads teams in building complex projects. He also has a passion for DevOps and leads Ayalon Insurance into integrating their teams to follow that path.