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Autodesk’s Digital First Journey with AWS Lambda and Armory


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Wednesday, April 28, 2021
3 pm ET

Autodesk is transforming their business from selling packaged desktop software to SaaS. To achieve this transformation, it means that they are having to adopt a digital-first mindset. They are leveraging AWS, and have adopted technologies like ECS, EC2, and Lambda to accelerate their journey. They have standardized on Armory Enterprise as the platform to manage their deployments reliably and safely to all of these targets, in multiple regions across the globe.

In this webinar, you'll hear from engineering leaders at Autodesk, AWS, and Armory as they describe why the combination of AWS and Armory technologies was the right choice to enable this transformation at global scale as well as some of their learnings along the way. One highlight includes a collaboration between all three companies to build a native integration between Lambda and Spinnaker, the Open Source platform that Armory Enterprise uses on its backend, to enable blue/green and canary deployments for Lambda functions. Key takeaways:

  • Becoming digital-first requires a change in mindset
  • Standardizing on cloud-native tools and rolling them out incrementally can accelerate your transformation
  • It's important to choose the right tools to give you the flexibility to meet your evolving business needs
  • AWS Lambda & Armory provided the tools to enable Autodesk's transformation
Shrirang Moghe
Sr. Software Architect - Autodesk
Shrirang spends most of his time working on Autodesk Cloud with a focus on making Autodesk’s Cloud products highly available, reliable & delightful to our customers, and even better than their desktop ancestors. Shrirang has spent over 17 years designing CAD systems and workflows. He is an expert in Regionalization, FedRamp, Collaboration, Cloud Security, and CAD/Construction Automation.
Shyam Maniyedath
Cloud Architect - AWS
Shyam is a Consultant with AWS Professional Services focusing on big data and devops.  He helps customers modernize and migrate applications to AWS. Prior experience architecting and developing backend systems at large organizations as well as startups.
Zach Smith
Technical Team Lead - Armory
Team lead/Software engineer focusing on enabling and empowering developers to better deploy their software. Previous experience architecting and developing cloud-native applications for Fortune 500 financial service companies.

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