Sponsored by Alert Logic  

October 17, 2018

11 AM ET 

With the growing popularity of Container technology comes the growth of container-based attacks – but understanding your security needs will keep you ahead of the game.

Container adoption is skyrocketing, growing 40% in the last year. And it makes sense – the agility, operational efficiencies and cost savings of containerized environments are huge benefits. But as more organizations rush to leverage containers, security is increasingly becoming a major concern and is the top roadblock to container deployment. What do you need to know (and do) to keep your container environments safe?

Hear from our security experts as they discuss “a day in the life” of a container attack, and share best practices for securing containers, including:  

  • How to quickly detect compromises within their containers and reduce their attack risk?
  • What to consider as you undertake containerization efforts for the first time? How does that differ from a more mature container ecosystem?
  • Why network intrusion-based container security is a critical component of the broader container security industry?

Additionally, this webinar will feature a Q&A session with one of our customers who is embarking on their own container journey. Hear about the process they went through as they embraced containers, built a container security strategy, began leveraging Network IDS for containers, and the lessons they have learned along the way.


Matthew Harkrider, Senior Technical Product Manager

Matt is one of the co-founders of Alert Logic and is currently the Senior Technical Product Manager in charge of the Detection & Blocking portfolio. Throughout his 16 years at Alert Logic, Matt has shared his extensive expertise with customers ranging from mid-SMB to large enterprises. He also has more than 20 years of experience working within the service provider and managed services markets.


John Norden, Release Director

John is a Release Director at Alert Logic and is responsible for delivering the company’s software releases from vision, through development and into implementation. During John’s tenure, he has contributed at a number of levels of the organization and architected Alert Logic’s Continuous Deployment technologies and processes. John’s background in various disciplines across the technology space provides the perfect blend of skills necessary to drive complex software releases to completion.