Sponsored by Catchpoint

July 11
11 AM ET

The days of endless lines and in-store mobs on Black Friday are coming to an end.  

Instead, shoppers are cramming into network pipes and pushing server limits to secure coveted deals online. While brick-and-mortar sales wane, online shopping on Black Friday is growing at a record pace each year.

It’s no wonder Ecommerce Web Operations teams are beginning holiday shopping preparations almost immediately after the previous year concludes. 

In this webinar, we’ll provide valuable lessons that are designed to improve your preparation plan and ensure you’re confident going into the holiday season. This includes:

  • A review of trends from previous seasons to show common causes of outages and how sites have adapted
  • An outline of a 4-month preparation plan which includes testing, monitoring, and on-call strategies
  • Recommendations for analyzing and sharing your results for optimal improvement

Nith Headshot

Nithyanand Mehta

VP of Technical Services, Catchpoint