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July 10, 2018

11 AM ET

In an ever more competitive marketplace, organizations have turned to Agile and DevOps practices to deliver software innovations to market more quickly and with high quality. Across industries, companies are making heavy investments in tools and process improvements around automated build, test, continuous integration and delivery, and release automation and orchestration. However, despite these investments, many organizations are still struggling to bring the necessary speed and quality to their software delivery. In many cases, this is because Agile and DevOps improvements have not been applied to the entire software stack and are often limited to application code delivery.

This webinar will explore the transformation that Colonial Life made in bringing DevOps to the entire software stack. Specifically, beyond automating and accelerating the validation and delivery of application code, this webinar will focus on the critical role that data and the database play in modern software delivery and the tools and processes that can bring the same automation to database code.

After this webinar, you will understand:
* What holds organizations back despite an Agile application development process
* The benefits of automating the validation and deployment of database changes
* A template for bringing DevOps to the entire software stack

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Colette Casey

Architect, Colonial Life

Colette is a Technical Architect with over 20 years of IT experience, including over 17 years of development experience on systems and solutions ranging from the mainframe to .NET/C# applications. Over the last half-decade, Colette has been at Colonial Life playing a central role in modernizing the software development and delivery process.