DevOps-Tutorial-Alerts   Sponsored by InfluxData

January 16 , 2018
1 PM ET 

In this webinar, Sebastien Leger, Founder, and CEO of LoudML, will show you how to use the LoudML machine learning API with your InfluxDB instance to quickly detect anomalies in your time series data that can trigger notifications in Slack or any of your favorite Incident management solutions like Pager Duty, OpsGenie, Victor Ops, or Alerta.

This webinar is organized in 4-parts: Basic setup running Docker, training your first-time series model (no programming needed!), building intelligent triggers and notifications, putting it all into practice as your solution easily detects abnormal data!


Sebastien Leger, Founder and CEO, LoudML 

Sébastien is passionate about artificial intelligence, which inspired him to build Loud ML — software that enables engineers to implement AI-driven applications 10 times faster. After gaining expertise in building embedded Linux software for telecommunications and Internet service providers, he launched Loud ML in 2018. He joined the Rockstart AI accelerator program in the Netherlands later the same year. In his spare time, Sébastien runs workshops to motivate others to enter the AI arena. He enjoys blues music and artists such as John Mayer. He received the Electrical Engineer Diploma from Ecole Superieure d'Ingenieurs en Electrotechnique et Electronique (ESIEE), Paris in 2004.