Private.jpg September 28, 2017


Watch a live demonstration as we stand up a cloud in just 30 minutes.

ZeroStack will pull back the curtain and take a bare metal server to cloud right in front of your eyes. To take it one step further, ZeroStack's office manager (yes, you read that correctly) will show how easy this process is with the help of one of our engineers.  He’ll talk while she drives.  What could go wrong???

ZeroStack touts the only self-driving private cloud -- that gives you a public cloud consumption experience while keeping your workloads on prem -- ensuring better performance and lower latency. 



David Vitera, Director of Systems Engineering

David is currently the Director of Systems Engineering at ZeroStack having joined from COHO Data and prior to that, Isilon, and The Walt Disney Company.  In his almost 20 years in the field David has held a variety of roles and responsibilities including security, infrastructure, system design, customer deployment and cloud integration.







Kali Sherman, Social Media Manager

Kali has been with ZeroStack for just over two years focusing on the company’s social media presence.  Although she’s seen our product several times, she’s never actually done an installation and is thrilled to be given this opportunity, in front of a live audience, which could result in years of embarrassment for her.