Chart a Winning Course: DevOps for Digital Leaders


January 17th, 2017

2:00p ET

DevOps best practices are evolving rapidly, allowing organizations to build, test and deploy applications at a faster pace, and higher quality, than ever before. At the same time, honing the complex skills required to embrace DevOps on a wide scale is no easy feat in even the most forgiving environments, let alone the typical enterprise.
Join Alan Shimel as he interviews Aruna Ravichandran, co-author of the new book “DevOps for Digital Leaders”, about the cultural and technical strategies employed by today’s leading practitioners as they seek to “Reignite Business with a Modern DevOps-Enabled Software Factory”.

Learn more about:

    • The current state of play as today’s enterprise organizations expand use of agile and DevOps methodologies across their entire applications lifecycle.
    • Specific case studies highlighting those techniques that allow leading practitioners to further embrace and accelerate software delivery.
    • Emerging DevOps ROI metrics that have proven extremely useful in enabling organizations to measure and increase their overall success.

Regardless of where you stand in your DevOps transformation today, you’re bound to benefit greatly from this detailed analysis of real-world adoption and use cases. Register for the webcast, and download the book today.

Aruna Ravichandran

VP of DevOps Solution Marketing and Management at CA

Aruna Ravichandran is vice president of DevOps Solution Marketing and Management at CA Technologies, responsible for cross-portfolio solution marketing for DevOps across all product lines. Before joining CA Technologies, Aruna held several management positions in product marketing and engineering at Juniper Networks and HP. Aruna earned an MBA and master’s degree in Computer Engineering from Santa Clara University and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science from Bangalore Institute of Technology.